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Worship Fellowship Sarka

Worship Fellowship Sarka: Welcome

Pastor Ramakanth Uthan Singh

Sarka is a medium sized village located in Adva of Gajapathi district, Orissa. It has a total of 54 families residing.

The Sarka village population is 287.

Pastor Ramakanth Uthan Singh is from a utter underpriviledged background, he came to Goa looking for work. He ended up meeting Pastor John Nayak. Pastor John ministered to Ramakanth who eventually gave his life to God, he was baptised in 2010. He is now serving the village of Sarka.

Worship Fellowship Sarka: Our Pastor

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Ramakanth Uthan Singh
A/C : 915010061393127
IFSC : UTIBI000018
Axis Bank

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