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Cross Fellowship London

Who We Are

Cross Fellowship Church is a new church plant based in Wembley, London.
Cross Fellowship is an Apostolic church that believes in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe in the miracles that Jesus did 2,000 years ago and we also believe He is the same God doing the same miracles today!
Even today He heals the sick and raises the dead.

Cross Fellowship London: About Us

Our Pastors

Our Pastors at Cross Fellowship are fully devoted to serving the church. They are equipped with the word of God and are ready to help with no matter what cirumstances.

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Atul (Raju) Labale


 Maria (Trinda) Fernandes


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Cross Fellowship London: Team Members

Address & Time

402 High Road,
Saturday: 1:30pm

Cross Fellowship London: Opening Hours

Join Us Today!


Wednesday from 6pm - 8pm

House Church

Every Wednesday Pastor Raju leads a bible study which encouages church members to learn more about the bible and ask questions freely.

Thursday 6pm

Homeless Ministry

The homeless ministry team is led by Antania Carvalho. The team goes to various places including Waterloo, Euston, Kings's cross and more. They give out food, drinks and clothing to the homless and pray for them.

Thursday 7pm

Jewish Ministry

Pastor Atul Labale leads the Jewish MInistry in Golders Green where the team goes and ministers to the local jewish community. They pray and talk to them and spread the love of Jeus Christ!

Cross Fellowship London: Services Schedule


Cross Fellowship London: Projects
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