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Palda Fellowship

Palda Fellowship: Welcome

Pastor Sharat Nayak

Pastor Sharat Nayak is from a village called Palda, Gajapathi, Orrisa.
He moved to Goa, India when he was 15, looking for work. During this journey he went through many challenges as moving into a new place. God had a great plan for him which was not revealed yet. Patience and perserverance gained victory in his life.
In 2008 he gave his life to Christ and became born again.
He has been doing full-time ministry since then and has been listed as one of the key pastors.
He lives with his wife, children and parents who are also actively involved in church ministry.
He serves 20 familiies who attend the service at Palda Fellowship. It is in a village surrounded by mountains and a thick forest where electricity isn't available.

Palda Fellowship: Our Pastor

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Sharat Nayak A/C : 34943495895
IFSC: SB1N0012115
State bank of India

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