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Pastor Johan

Pastor Johan was born and brought up in a very small village in Orissa, as a young boy he came to Goa in search of a job. At the age of 19. one day in the morning he was on the street searching for a job, he was brought to Pastor Raju. Pastor Raju shared the gospel, prayed with him and gave him a Bible with a prayer and phone number written on the back of a Gideon Bible. Pastor Johan was first called Sabeer then Jesus began to change his life, he read his Bible every day and prayed the prayer that was written by Pastor Raju on the back of the bible. In a few days time, God changed him totally, he stopped drinking alcohol and eating tobacco. All other bad habits he had, he began to hunger for God, and the journey with God began. Later God called him to be in Ministry and be the Pastor of the church for the Oriya people. In 2009, a church was planted and since then Pastor Johan has been pastoring and leading the church.

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Johan Nayak
A/C : 915010001296015
IFSC : UTIB00000180
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