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Cross Ministries started with a vision from God, to carry the cross and pray in different cities and countries. In August 2014 Pastor Atul began the prayer walk with the cross from Catford, London.

He first walked through Greater London and prayed for the city and England. He also walked through  Cardiff, Scotland, India (Delhi and Goa), Gozo, Malta, Poznan, Lisbon and Madrid, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Czech Republic.

Pastor Raju has also walked with the cross in all fifty fives cities in England.

Pastor Atul is praying for Revival, repentance of the nations' sins and for God's mercy.

This prayer walk with the cross will continue in many different countries.

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Our Vision

Cross ministries also has a vision to plant churches, apostolic churches!

In 2006, our first church was planted it was named "Olive fellowship", in Mapusa, Goa, India. At the moment in 2017, we have 9 churches, our vision is to plant 500 Churches

all over the world.

In 2006 Pastor Raju heard God saying, "look I have changed peoples lives". Again he heard God saying "I change the lives of people in church". Pastor Raju has seen many people healed and delivered, many pastors and worship leaders raised from ordinary people.

Pastor John Nayak, is the overseer, for the churches in India.

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To live as Jesus did, to love as Jesus did

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